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Neurodegeneration: Mechanisms underlying motoneuron degeneration in ALS

ALS research in the NERD labs aims to:


1) Identify disease mechanisms underlying motor neurons death in ALS

Animal experiments are conducted to identify neuronal mechanisms contributing to the death of spinal motor neurons. 


2) Develop novel, effective ALS treatments 

Animal experiments are conducted to test the efficacy of new treatments in stopping or slowing down disease progression, as well as prolonging survival. 


3) Identify novel biomarkers for early ALS diagnosis

This study is currently active. Interetsed ALS patients (newly diagnosed and mid-stage patients), as well as healthy control human subjects can participate. ALS patients with sporadic and/or familial ALS are accepted. 



To learn more about the study

Head & Shoulders Video
Pictures and video: courtesy of The ALS Society of Canada
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