Methods and Techniques

Electrophysiology experiments involve intracellular recordings of the neural activity from spinal motoneurons under healthy and disease conditions from in-vitro preparations (patch-clamp in slices and sharp-electrode recordings in the whole cord preparation).
Immunohistological staining of the motoneuron allows us to examine the expression of ion channels on the cell membrane of motoneurons.
Computer Modeling
We are intertesed in developing computer models of spinal motoenruons, based on their 3D anatomy, to examine their firing behaviors.
Behavioral Studies
We examine behavioral symptoms and monitor the survival of animals with motoneuron disease in order to determine functional changes using different treatment options.
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Research Projects

This project examines how spinal motoneurons regulate their excitability in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease).

This project aims at developing motor decoder and sensory encoder algorithms to support closed-loop sensorimotor control of prosthetics. 

This project aims at building smart prosthetics that implement closed-loop control mechanisms.

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