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SMART Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm

In this project, students adapted the myoelectric prosthetic arm, developed from the previous year, and included four smart features to it, as follows:

1) A realistic hand: The hand had more realistic reresentation of a human hand using the Brian hand

2) Speed control: The arm moved at different speeds in proportion to the EMG muscle amplitude

3) Closed-loop touch control: The hand had pressure sensors that measured the amount of pressure applied to an object, which limited the pressure applied to an object if exceeded the safe limit.

4) Wireless transmission: The EMG signal was transmitted wirelessly from the person's arm to the electronic board controlling the arm

*This project was competitively selected to compete nationally at the Design of Medical Devices Conference in 2014 at the University of Minnesota.  Link to the Design of Medical Devices Conference in 2014 program 

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